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Aaron J. Cleveland, MD

Education & Training:

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Degree in Psychology and Music. Eventually, after attending 3 more years of college I went to Medical School and eventually Residency at UC Davis, School of Medicine Martinez Program.

Professional Interests/Specialties:

My primary training is in Family Medicine, where I am able to see children and adults. I am able to see adults with a wide array of complex issues. However, over the years I have broadened my interests to now include Hepatitis C Treatment, Suboxone Addiction, TransGender Hormone Therapy and Non-Opioid Chronic Pain. In addition to my role as a Primary Care Provider, I also function as the Medical Director, which has allowed me to pursue my interests in Programs Development and Teaching.

Spoken Languages:

I speak English and some Medical Spanish.

Philosophy of care:

I believe that the primary focus is the patient. The patient is the center of care and everything else supports the patient. I feel that showing respect and encouraging communication and personal growth helps optimize my interaction. I feel that practicing within a broad scope allows me to care for many conditions and complaints. I think it is also important to care for the whole person, focusing on not only the physical issues, but at the same time considering their social, economic and psychological influences. I believe in an evidence-based approach in combination with active listening and an agreed upon plan is one of the best and most powerful tools in caring for patients.

Hobbies & Interests:

My favorite hobbies are Golf, Reading, and Billiards. I also like to Compose and play Music. I enjoy writing lectures and teaching both patients and students. I also enjoy building programs that will help Sacramento Native patients and the surrounding communities.

Boards & Affiliations:

I am Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and a member of American Society of Addiction Medicine. I am Board Certified in Family Medicine and a member of American Academy of Family Practice. I am also Associate Professor at California Northstate University College of Medicine and Associate Professor (Volunteer Faculty) at UC Davis Health System.

What I love about working at SNAHC:

I truly love working for SNAHC. The best part of my day is when I get a chance to help patients improve the quality of their life. I enjoy working with the many departments to help create the best collaborative foundation that results in great care. SNAHC has great vision, being led by a creative and intelligent administration and board it is an honor to work for a company that always strives to improve. SNAHC is always interested in enhancing all aspects of care. It is enjoyable to work with so many programs, administrators, and outside agencies that are focused on patient experience and quality. Furthermore, the Medical Department is proud to have a new state of the art facility and a new EMR system that creates a rich environment to improve both patient and provider experience. It is truly a pleasure to come to work, see great patients, be supported by the many programs and staff, as well as work in a great environment. That, collectively, creates the best place I have ever worked.

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