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Native Health Council

The Native Health Council (NHC) consists of a group of committed American Indian and Alaska Native health home and community members. The NHC reviews programs, processes, and materials with the goal of improving the SNAHC Native services experience. The panel also supports individual projects that require feedback and SNAHC outreach events.
NHC members will be asked to share their own opinions, knowledge, and experience about various topic areas. Some important skills of panel members include:

  • The ability to communicate – professionally;
  • Comfort working within groups of diverse people and stakeholders;
  • A genuine concern and commitment to improving services and programs at SNAHC;
  • A focus on making positive choices that support Native traditions, families, and community.
  • Ability to share your own culture, practices, and experience in a good way;
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality of other panel members, patients, and community members; and
  • Able to accurately communicate and share information about SNAHC services and programs with family, friends, and the community.

Click here to access a printable NHC application, or click here to fill it out online.

Questions? Please contact Quality Improvement Manager – Andrew Orozco at or (916) 341-0576 ext. 3058.


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