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Each Mind Matters – Families and Children

This Link will direct you to a mental health page specifically for children and families. There you may choose to explore how to talk to your children about mental health as well as links to support with identifying how to spot warning signs from your child.
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Walk in our shoes website – Young people sharing their Story and how to ask for support

This Link with take you to a page where there are multiple youth friendly stories shared by young people who are navigating their mental health and what worked for them.
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Each mind matters – Native info/resources

This link will direct you to resources regarding Native Specific access to mental health services as well as Native specific support to suicide prevention.
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Native Suicide Prevention – Stories

This link with direct you to Native Specific stories of people who have also experienced challenges with their mental health and many others who have also shared their story.
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Navigating Services for your Child in a School Setting

This link will direct you to services you may need to support your youth with Special disabilities/special education in school- an introduction and a way to get connected to resources for your child.
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Actual links to documents/guides for Parents navigating Schools and IEP’s
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Youth, Parents, and School Staff

This link will direct you to a number of resources that you can access like how to identify the warning the signs and some print outs you can have handy when a youth, friend, or a student need of support.
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